The Music Studio

8611 Germantown Ave, Rear

Philadelphia, PA 19118



Jim Dragoni is a veteran performer, teacher and musical technologist. Music lessons, workshops, performances, lectures are all currently being scheduled.

The Music Studio is intended to be a place where culture is nurtured in the community and will help focus and develop the talent that exists in our immediate surroundings.

What goes on...

We attempt to create an atmosphere that promotes a disciplined approach to creativity through the study of music.

The Music Studio is a focal point for culture and creativity in the community.  We have performances, workshops and gatherings of performing artists that are open to the public. 

it's important for artistic expression to be shared and made a part of every day life.  So often we are caught up in the worries of our own lives and those of the world.  The Music Studio is intended to be a place of artistic refuge that will provide inspiration.

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Studio Director Jim Dragoni has just celebrated his seventh year performing with the great Mose Allison.  The stellar songwriter and stylist has been an influence in the jazz, rock and folk worlds for over 50 years.  To say that he influences our thinking is an understatement...more

There are currently three workshops running.  They cover the waterfront of jazz, blues, folk music and some rock. The ages range from 7 to 80.  Instruments include guitar, piano, tenor sax, drums and vocals.

Great Musicians such as Odean Pope and other luminaries occasionally agree to participate in the performance workshops.  These classes are a tremendous inspiration to the students and will be scheduled whenever the artists schedule permits.