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Philadelphia, PA 19118


CYNTHIA DRAGONI is one of the foremost teachers of Ballet in the New York City area and announces her summer program for (dates) at (locations).

She was head of the dance department at Bravo Performing Arts and Language Center in Philadelphia, and on faculty at The Barbara Sandonato School of Ballet. She has taught for Ballet Arts at City Center, and Elliot Feld’s Ballet Tech in New York City.

As a dancer she “had wonderful classical training, singing arms, and the unteachable soul of a ballerina...” Anastasiya Gaidukova, Ballerina, Donetsk Ballet, Ukraine.

She possesses a deep understanding of the technique, and a unique ability to inspire, and at once demand excellence of her students.

“She puts her students ahead of her own success, always pushing them towards ever expanding ideals, as a teacher she is a force to be reckoned with.” Kathy Mack, parent of former student

Creative Development in a Disciplined Environment
The aim of the summer ballet program is to provide students, and the community with a classical ballet
training center that produces dancers of the highest caliber. Their dance education centers around mastering the classical technique, which includes pointe work and repertory, in addition to technique classes, so that they will have the tools and facilities to pursue their potential as young artists.

The program is supplemented by nutritional seminars, injury prevention and body conditioning classes, in addition to supplementary studies in contemporary and modern dance techniques. Students perform regularly from both a classical and contemporary repertoire, thus making the transition seamless from classroom to stage, so that upon emergence from the program, the dancer will be well equipped to pursue a professional career.
The summer is a time for concentrated study. The body is naturally warmer and prepared to absorb more information, while the mind is free from the commitments of the school year. Taking full advantage of these enhanced physical and mental faculties, we are offering a comprehensive training intensive. Beginning the day with ballet technique class, moving on to pointe and variations, a pause for lunch, followed by classical and contemporary repertory, body conditioning, and nutritional seminars.

students will perform at the end of the session on such and such a date...all you suckers will have to pay

Great Musicians such as Larry Coryell, Odean Pope and other luminaries occasionally agree to participate in the performance workshops.  These classes are a tremendous inspiration to the students and will be scheduled whenever the artists schedule permits.